Fitness and food 

Fitness and Health (Healthy nutrition)

Physical and mental fitness can improve your health. It has very important roles in your life. It increases your life expectancy. Its increase your energy level and also make you feel happier.

Physical fitness also helps to reduce the risk of many diseases. It develops your Immune system and also helps you to lose weight. Staying healthy is a top priority these days. We cannot control everything but the difference between being healthy and unhealthy is only depend on our habits and the approach we take to our health.

Physical Fitness depends on mainly two arias our diet and exercise. These two factors can have huge effects on overall health. Our Diet has an important role, As a result, it can lead us to good health. Physical fitness is 80% Fit food  (healthy Food) and 20% exercise. knowledge is power, So here we have some research which can help us to understand about our fit food diet (healthy food).


In these days there are new fit food or diets on the market claiming the “best” results and “fastest” weight loss. And, some of the diets are very high in protein. Touting that reducing the number of carbohydrates or fat may good to a healthy body. But can a diet that is very high in protein, lead to better health? Let’s check the research

Many famous diets suggest consuming a high amount of protein and very little carbohydrates or low-fat. But what is the meaning of this?

There is no exact definition of “high-protein.” But according to the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines, the dietary recommendation for protein is between ten and thirty-five percent of one’s total daily intake of fit food (healthy nutrition).

This also means that for the average person who might consume two-thousand calories a day. That’s between two-hundred and seven-hundred calories from protein. So, to put that in perspective, one four-ounce serving of turkey contains about thirty-four grams of protein.

So, consuming two to five servings of turkey daily would meet the recommended amount of protein for the average person. Because if someone consuming outside of this range, thirty-five percent and beyond, would likely be eating a “high” protein fit food (muscle food).


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Omega 3s are essential unsaturated fatty acids that are vital for normal metabolism. These “good fats” include alpha-linolenic, eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you should be fine getting essential fatty acids from plant-derived sources.


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According to new research use of herbs in your diet (Fit Food) is very useful to your health and also important for weight loss. Following herbs have been proved very successful 


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Any specific, organism, bacteria, virus or cell that does not belong to our inner system gets destroyed or resist by the force of organs or processes, This is our Immune System it is one of the most complex and elegant systems in all of nature.

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The body responds best when you treat it naturally; that is, treat it as nature does. According to Jovan Mathers, There are four basic themes expressed throughout a year as exemplified by each of the four seasons: winter is the season for maintenance, springtime is the season for growing, summer is the season for intensity, and autumn is the season for maturity.

Gauging your training goals and intensity to the themes of the four seasons is the best possible way to train for the long term and for physical fitness. Train this way you simply and will last longer. Just look at a mature tree. Over the years it’s received its share of sunshine, rain and soil nutrients to grow big and strong. It didn’t take any years or seasons off, because that wasn’t in its nature. So it grew. So can you. If you live like a tree.

You might say that a tree is the inverse of man. A tree has its roots in the ground and its branches in heaven. Man has his roots in heaven and his branches in the ground. As a man, you have to get down to earth in your training by using the seasons as your guide for physical fitness

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Looking to buy a gym membership? You might not have to. You might already live in a potential gym – all you need is a bit of space in your home and the right equipment for physical fitness. (Setting aside some time for exercise is also key).

While exercise equipment at gyms can be high-end (and out of reach financially for some people), it doesn’t have to be that way when you’re choosing equipment for your home. You can create an ideal setup without breaking the bank, while still getting all the health benefits of an effective workout for physical fitness. Here are some ideas…


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